Ski hire in Bansko with good discounts of the price

Ever since I was a child winter has always been my favourite season. Maybe because there are so many great things about winter! Even though winter is the coldest season there is just something warm about it to me. Winter allows my family to spend quality time with one another that no other season allows. Winter has such a warm feeling to it that everyone loves. During the coldest season, the best memories are made and everyone shares a lot of laughter and love during it. Winter by far tops off all the other seasons…yes the other ones are pretty great too but nothing can top off the first snowfall and hitting the slopes!

It’s time this year for your next ski destination. If you are still wondering which one will be, then take our advise and pick Bansko resort in Bulgaria. It has a lot to offer – a great combination between nice slopes, the best ski schools, cheap places to hire ski, the craziest nightlife, luxury restaurants, lovely traditional local food, warm people and great hotels for relaxing and spa.

Ski hire in Bansko with good discounts of the price

Bansko is known for its nightlife so you’ll find plenty of bars and clubs. And if you need something to get you going, the local shot of choice is homemade rakia, a type of brandy that burns its way down nicely.

Hire ski in advance at This website is like a virtual magazine for everything you need if you go to Bansko – ski, gear, ski pass, tips, transfers and more. offers good discounts off the regular prices for a ski which are in the ski shops around the resort. Save extra money with these awesome offers for the next winter season!

Bansko is waiting for you! Hire ski and come to hit the slopes as you can!