How to become one of the best ibex hunters?

You want to try ibex hunting and you do not have a clue what it is about. Also you are not a good hunter – do not worry about it.

With some help of there is nothing impossible to do.
The organization which organized ibex hunting every year, during the hunting season at the Greek island Sapientza – can take care of you.
How to become one of the best ibex hunters?
Profesionalists at ibex hunting will take you under their shelter so you will learn how to hunt, how to make yourself a cover so animals won’t be able to see you – and also many other things. But before that you have to get to know yourself by getting more information about ibex hunting and how to become one of the best ibex hunters.

There are several simple rules which are recomended which has be followed.

First one – you are only a visitor to the greek island where ibex hunting is organized. You cannot stay during the night, because all of the nature there is actually kri kri ibex’ natural habitat, and this greek island is the only place where this breed is still living.
Second – There is no Sunday hunting. Organizers allow ibex hunting only 4 days a week (Wednesday – Saturday)
Rule number 3: You can hunt from 08:30 a.m. to 14:30 afternoon.
How to become one of the best ibex hunters?
But let’s get back to the topic of this article – how to become one of the best ibex hunters of all time. Does it sound imposible to you? As we said – do not worry. Organizers of these ibex hunting events are very experienced. Dimitrios and Hristos are your guides and also your teacher. You can watch them, listen to them and take their experience for granted, because they will turn your Greek visit to unforgetable experience. You can contact them right now just by visitng website.